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In less than a cock sings we will have our favorite peaks filled with snow. We look forward to taking our adventure trips to the Alps and enjoying the best ski slopes in the world.

A proposal that surely enchants you is what we have called White Leukerbad, a multi-adventure trip to the Swiss Alps where you will do snowshoeing routes, skiing and you can relax in some incredible thermal baths.

Leukerbad is a fantastic base of operations to enjoy the nature and the kindness offered by the Swiss Alps. There is a very relaxed atmosphere, typical of a Swiss town, where foreign tourism has barely arrived. Its attractions and architecture captivated, for example, two geniuses like Pablo Picasso or Jules Verne.

The ski resort of Leukerbad is very quiet, we would say that you live an almost familiar atmosphere. Surrounded by fascinating landscapes it is ideal for simple walks with snowshoes, skiing or laughing like children with sleigh descents.

This adventure trip to the Swiss Alps is perfect for families, since after having a fun time with the snow, you can relax your muscles in the swimming pools of Switzerland’s largest thermal center.

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3 Answers

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  2. Pedro dice:

    Qué bueno que empieza la nieve este año. Yo estuve el año pasado con Coadedu y me lo pasé genial.

  3. Beatriz dice:

    Todos tenemos ganas de nieve :)

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