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We started the week by traveling with our blogger-to-blogger interview section, where we chatted with the world’s most interesting travel bloggers.

As you know, it is not us who choose the protagonists, since it is the previous interviewees who choose the ones of this week. Thanks to this chain of recommendations we have compiled a fantastic repository of advice and travel anecdotes.

This week we have a couple of extraordinary Argentinean bloggers. They are Juan Pablo Villarino and Laura Lazzarino, authors of the blog Acrobat of the Road and Nena’s Travels. Its history is of the most exciting, having spent years traveling the most unusual places in the world. Everything they tell us is fascinating, so let’s go there.

6260021127 bec59fbecf z From blogger to blogger: Interview with Laura Lazzarino and Juan Pablo Villarino

Hello Lau and Juan, your traveling story seems incredible but how did it all start? Why did you decide to tell everything in your blogs?

Ours is a particular story, born for the love of travel and books and in which the Internet had a lot to do. Before we knew each other, we were traveling separately, with similar ideas of what we were looking for and with a common project: to go around the world without fear of stereotypes. In January 2010 a friend recommended me Juan’s book, “Vagabundeando en el Eje del Mal – Un Viaje a dedo en Irán, Irak y Afganistán” (RBA), And after reading it, I felt very identified. I decided to write him and tell him my story. I did not expect him to respond, but he did. Moreover, we started an extensive exchange of emails that lasted four months until we decided to meet. We met in Salta in April, and we decided to join our paths. We shared it on the blog because we discovered that we both had readers in common and it seemed magical to us. We wanted to shout it out to the world and also show that movie stories can happen in real life.

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More than six years of travel around the world. Was your itinerary preset or are you improvising? How do you decide to move countries?

One always comes out with a predefined idea, but with a margin available for chance. Making a trip without direction can be romantic, but when one has the idea to travel for many years, it is necessary to follow a direction, to focus the objectives. So it happened with the trip that gave body to the book: 27 months uniting Ireland with Thailand. The idea was to demonstrate that the Muslim countries were not the demonic that they want us to believe. Although the itinerary was not 100% pre-defined, there was a line to follow.

The time in each country varies according to the extension and what we intend to know. Usually, we try not to stay more than a month and a half: the world has almost 200 countries, and we want to know them all, and life must be enough!

6260024063 33dd588496 z From blogger to blogger: Interview with Laura Lazzarino and Juan Pablo Villarino

You travel by free and with little budget, what advice would you give to someone who wants to start an adventure like yours? 

Do not try to have all the answers before you leave. While traveling, we find many people who wish to do the same, but who are not encouraged by uncertainty. Moreover, we have learned that things go on with difficulty to predict. That is why the most important aspect is to be encouraged and have a positive attitude in the face of uncertainty. You have to trust that things will always be solved in one way or another. 

6260023635 469cccfe19 z From blogger to blogger: Interview with Laura Lazzarino and Juan Pablo Villarino

In addition to traveling, you have started an educational project, tell us what it is? How can it help the people who are reading from home?

Our educational project arose from the need to take our message further. We were writing about the hospitality of different towns in our books and blogs, and we wanted to share our experience with the people we visited. We got the World Movement for People’s Health to donate a projector and we started with photographic samples in schools, children’s homes, and community centers. The idea is to show photos of other cultures we have met, breaking down stereotypes and fostering understanding. So far we have given talks in more than fifty schools, and we are also willing to contribute with teaching material when we can. This month we were able to raise funds to buy tools and a laptop for a school in the Amazon. The people who want to contribute to our project are welcome. There is no shortage of generous donations, we have many readers from Spain who support our idea with 2 or 3 euros a month, and receive in return a newsletter with all the travel information. Those who want to participate can write us at acrobatadelcamino@gmail.com


6260022249 607284993c z From blogger to blogger: Interview with Laura Lazzarino and Juan Pablo Villarino

We have reviewed your travel resume, and it is fascinating what have been the places that have marked you the most?

Oh, that’s a difficult question … The Middle East was an essential part of Juan’s trip because besides giving him another perspective on those countries, the experience of traveling there was what gave “Wandering in the Axis of Evil,” the first book published formally. From there the doors opened to different directions, always positive. That is why I cannot avoid referring to those countries with words of thanks. And as a couple, the experience of getting to Antarctica. Not only for what the achievement in itself represents but because it is a unique journey, full of feelings and indelible images, that were maximized by being a couple. Moreover, to mark the record of the most southerly journey in the world, just when we were just beginning our journey, gave us the impetus to follow north with much more energy.

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Are Iran, Iraq or Afghanistan as dangerous as the media says?


I wrote a book about it! Of course, they are not. I started from Ireland in May 2005 with the intention of crossing those countries and showing that the image that the media were selling us was wrong, or in any case very partial. I had never been there, but I was convinced that there must be “human” people, people with love, with their families, people living a daily life distant from war. And I was not wrong. I found an overly hospitable culture, very different from the stereotype seen on television, where everyone is a terrorist, a murderer, and so on. As if in our cultures there were no bad people … Contrary to all the forecasts I was always welcomed. The bedouins of the desert did not hesitate to make room in their tents, and in Iraq (where I entered at night and without maps) I was received by the vice president, and even invited me to give a lesson in National Chain on how to travel by hand. Many times I was seen as a messenger of peace, for being a traveler who came from so far to visit them.

6260022717 c7078dc42a z From blogger to blogger: Interview with Laura Lazzarino and Juan Pablo Villarino

Do you like to practice adventure sports during your trips? What has been the biggest craziness you have done and where?

Hitchhiking usually turns into a sort of extreme sport, without planning it. We found ourselves traveling in cars that ran at 180 km/h on night roads, or crossing the Himalayas above a truck that barely fit on the road. If it is because of adrenaline, believe me, we have plenty of it. Still, we like the canopy, and we have a pending debt with a parachute, which will appear at some point. I think the greatest insanity was crossing the Mangoziza river in the Amazon, without vest or insurance, in a canoe that threatened to turn in waters where the anacondas are not lacking. It was an involuntary rafting that led me to pray two or three times in the same afternoon!

6260022967 3075df3c41 z From blogger to blogger: Interview with Laura Lazzarino and Juan Pablo Villarino

Which of YokmoK’s adventure trips would you like to do and why?

It would be fascinating to be able to do the snowshoeing tour in Kungsleden, but for the time of the aurora borealis. Having had the privilege of visiting Antarctica, being able to be at the other end on such a date, with such a beautiful sight, would be memorable.

6260022487 519ca24f2f z From blogger to blogger: Interview with Laura Lazzarino and Juan Pablo Villarino

And finally, which blogger do you choose for the next interview? What are your reasons?

For this question, I have two answers. I give you both, and you choose the blog that interests you the most!!! The first is more traveler, the second more projected to the social.

Answer 1:

The Boys of America without Limits (www.americasinlimites.blogspot.com) Are about to embark on a very curious journey, trying to reach from Argentinean Patagonia to Alaska in Limousin … The truth is that we are made a very curious proposal, with many challenges, and you will undoubtedly be very interesting to read!

Answer 2:

The boys of Proyecto Miradas www.proyectomiradas.org Are crossing America with a fascinating idea. We once thought of combining our educational projects, but we have not yet crossed paths. They are traveling with the plan to teach astronomy classes to different communities, implementing simple and accessible instruments. They sure have nice experiences to tell!

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