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by Mara Sandoval. Mara occasionally writes for YokmoK, travels the world and always works hard for CIAN Agency.

There is not doubt in our minds that the most spectacular trek in Europe is the Tour of Mont Blanc. It is also one of the most beautiful hikes in the world.

It entails 12 days of five-star hiking across one of the most epic routes: 170 kilometers through 10 mountain ranges of the French, Swiss and Italian Alps.

The best time of year to explore this alpine route is in the summer. We offer hiking expeditions of the Tour of Mont Blanc lead by professional mountain guides.  The first one takes place from July 15 to 26 and the second one from August 19-30.

This trek circles the Mont Blanc massif in its entirety. Hikers are led along less frequented routes and are treated to vista points along the way where one can contemplate incredible peaks, expert mountain climbers, and glaciers.

This route is often traveled counter clock wise, but we prefer to go the opposite way! The most spectacular part of this adventure trek across the Alps is the majestic view of the Mont Blanc itself. As you probably know, the Mont Blanc is the highest mountain range in Europe, and includes 400 summits with eternal snow and ice.

Take advantage of our mountain guides’ experience and join us on the Tour of Mont Blanc as we travel on the least frequented routes in the Alps. This promises to be a hiking holiday where you will disconnect from your daily life and leave your stress behind. You will recharge your batteries, revel in the breath-taking surroundings, and return home a changed person.

Reserve your place in the Tour of Mont Blanc. It is an all-walking tour where neither ski lifts nor cars are utilized.

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