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Snowshoes are handy tools to benefit from winter in full. They allow us to walk through remote places and enjoy unique landscapes without fear of sinking in the snow.

The best thing about snowshoeing is that it is an adventure sport that does not require previous experience. In return, we will take home incredible views and an excellent fitness. Let’s review what adventure trips with snowshoe we can do this winter.


One of our most amazing adventure tours. It is snowshoe hiking in Swedish Lapland, 200 kilometers above the Arctic Circle. Discover what it means to be at the end of the world, away from everything and having as an only companion the eternal snowy mantle.

Nine days between March and April to enjoy a trek for people looking for an unusual adventure, in which they have not seen Spanish people in at least the last 25 years.

Snowshoeing in Transylvania

An adventure trip to Romania in which we are eight days with snowshoes in the cradle of Count Dracula and the Carpathian Mountains. Discover a region outside all touristic circuit, with routes of little difficulty and possible sightings of wolves and bears.

In January and February, you can enjoy a trip with snowshoes for people not used to them, with short days of walking spectacular, and sightseeing of keen interest.

All Lapland                 

Between March and April, you can have fun with this 9-day multi-adventure trip in the Arctic Circle. A spectacular and undemanding trip, for people wanting to discover Lapland in winter.

Explore the life of the Sami people, walk through vast frozen lakes, drive your own Huskies sled, photograph the Northern Lights from your snowmobile, and practice cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.

Snowshoeing and Kayaking in the Norwegian Fjords

One of our newcomers and we can enjoy it in March and April. This is an adventure trip with kayaks and snowshoes on the Norwegian coast, near Trondheim and the Arctic Circle.

Eight days where you can practice and discover the sea kayak in the northernmost fjords of Norway; No previous kayak experience is required. It begins walking with snowshoes from the level of the sea and reaches to summits of almost 1000 meters, like Storøra and Skarven. Simply amazing

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