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This Easter you can live some spectacular experiences in Swedish Lapland. We are talking about All Lapland, a multi-adventure trip in the middle of the Arctic Circle.

In this fascinating adventure trip to Lapland, you will enjoy some of the fascinating virgin landscapes in Europe. Also, the level of physical exigency is shallow, the reason why it is an expedition thought for everyone.

Among the experiences that you will experience during this trip to Swedish Lapland are discovering the way of life of the Sami people, walking on vast frozen lakes, riding a Huskies sleigh, photographing the northern lights, riding a snowmobile or snowshoes.

The environment you will find in these latitudes of Sweden is incomparable. Lapland was declared a Natural and Cultural Heritage of UNESCO in 1996 and is currently considered the last virgin land in Europe.

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3 Answers

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  2. Victor dice:

    Un amigo mío y su familia han estado en Laponia estas navidades y han venido encantados.

  3. Beatriz dice:

    Laponia no solo te deja fascinado, sino que te atrapa.
    Cada año, cuando regresan las nieves piensas en ella. ¡Es algo que se siente dentro!
    Ya me lo dirás algún día.

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