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For the summer and with the mountain routes waiting to see our backpacks, do not forget that one of the most important parts is to bring a first aid kit.

Here are some recommendations:

- Burns:

Put cold and then cover with something oily, like Trombocid Cream, oil.
- Injections:

Shock state or extreme stings: Inject Adrenaline Half ampoule and subcutaneous (Arm). Mild stings or asthmatic attacks Inject Urbason, is corticoid, (ass).
- Creams:

Flogoprofen: Injuries, knocks, corners – It is anti-inflammatory, administer at the same time with:

- Pills:

Paracetamol: Mild or moderate pain caused by articular affections, otalgias, headaches, odontogenic pain. It is also effective for the treatment of fever, but not as much as

Termalgin. 1 every 3 hours.

Termalgin: Equals Paracetamol but it stops the fever. Every 8 hours. Children less 6 years, do not take. Greater 6 years, 1 every 8 hours.

Pariet. Gastrointestinal ulcers. 1 a day in the morning.

Rupafin. Antiestamínico: Allergies, mucus, llorera.

Urbason: Allergies, stings. Att. Because with other medicines is annoying. 3 per day. Children 1.

Ibuprofen: Anti-inflammatory. Blows, sprains, sore throat, back pain. 2 per day. Children under 14 years not suitable. Over 60 1 a day. Take Flogoprofen Cream at the same time.

A.A.S – Aspirin: Every 3 hours. Very mild pains. For Muscle Tiredness take one at night before bed. Comes well after a hard day in the mountains. Children every 6 hours.

Amoxicillin: Antibiotic. For infections, either ear, throat, typhoid fever, dental infection, cystitis or infections of a skin wound. 2 times a day for 7 days. Children 1.

Nolotil: Analgesic, antipyretic and spasmolytic. Severe pain, high fever that has not been controlled with Termalgin. 3 times a day. Children 1.

Micropur Forte: Water purifying tablets. In cloudy water, a filter is also required. 1 tablet per liter of water. Drink 30 minutes later.

Fortasec: Diarrhea. 2 a day followed by 1 capsule a day after each deposition. A maximum of 8 a day. Children over 5 years, 1 a day followed by a capsule each deposition.

- Others:

Physiological solution – distilled water: Foreign body in the eye, apply a good constant stream.

Betadine: External wound cleaning. First wash it with soap and water. If bleeding gauzes apply with hydrogen peroxide and compress, never cotton. Finally (if there is no bleeding) apply Betadine, never in deep wounds.

Steri-Strip: Suitable for surface and semi-deep cuts avoiding the use of traditional points. The sutures are indicated for the closure of the skin. Apply the adhesive suture, facing the edges of the skin of the injured area, from the center towards the ends.

Leave the Suture Adhesive for 7 days, if the wound has closed, remove. If not, replace the sutures with new ones.

Sam Splint: Immobilization splint.

Compeed: To prevent blisters and if they have already formed, it relieves pain and accelerates healing.

Treating Shok state: Dissolve in 1L of water, one tablespoon of salt and a half of bicarbonate. The same treatment for a severe burn.

Homemade isotonic drinks to prevent dehydration: 1L of water, lemon or orange juice, 6 teaspoons of sugar t 1 teaspoon of common salt. If someone on a route feels a little dehydrated, you can add a little sugar to your water.

Empty sealed plastic bag or knotted: in case of amputation, place the member inside the bag. Immerse the bag inside water with ice, NEVER ice only.

Plastic gloves (to prevent contagion).

Sales, scissors, tweezers etc.

Whistle/ Mirror / Candle with albal paper – emergency situations.

IMPORTANT: Ask “always” before giving any medication if you take other medications or if you have allergies. If in doubt, do not administer.

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