Landma 2 2181 Laugavegur trek – Iceland

Few Icelandic routes can offer a mixture as varied as that offered by the Laugavegur’s trek.
Areas of glaciers, fumaroles, volcanoes, ash deserts, lava flows, waterfalls, glacial lakes and an endless palette of colors to be photographed are part of the adventure that the route offers.

It starts in Landmannalaugar, and most hikers end up in Þórmsmörk, although the steepest area up to Skogarfoss is well worth the wilderness it offers.

From Landmannalaugar to Þórmsmörk we have 73km full of surprises where even a summer day can mean walking at 5 degrees below zero.

The shelters are very well equipped but do not offer a half pension, in three of the shelters there is shower with hot water, only in Fimmvörðuháls and Hrafntinnusker there are bathrooms, but no showers, normal!! its situation speaks for itself.

Iceland has been offering this type of route for a few years and given the success they are having many companies offer the path with or without a guide, yes, only good experience is needed in the mountains, when Iceland changes the weather conditions become very complicated.

Despite having little vegetation and a very limited animal life, the eyes can not avoid dilating the pupil to record the landscape that keeps changing every day. There is no day without surprises.

The land of ice and fire offers in a few kilometers a clear idea of its magic and beauty.

Who is encouraged to take a summer walk with a winter soul?

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