Foto Laponia 4 Swedish LAPLAND      Snowshoe crossing beyond the Arctic Circle

Imagine a route of more than 100 km by the overwhelming and indescribably beautiful vastness of the rugged Swedish Lapland … Imagine contemplating the magical chromatic palette of the capricious aurora borealis … Imagine snowy boreal forests of birch trees in the mountains carved by glaciers, vast valleys and frozen lakes as far as the eye can see… Imagine the tundra or contemplation of endemic species such as European lynxes, Arctic foxes, alpine hares, snowy owls or elusive ermine and lemmings … Who knows maybe some legendary troll? Imagine reindeer herds in freedom in a place considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO … Flee the bustle of the modern times and immerse yourself in the frozen silence … Share unforgettable moments with like-minded people in a small exploration group. Challenge your limits. Return to your origins. Come to the communion of the human being with one of the last vestiges of European nature in its pure state… Stop imagining and live making a reality with us what you have always dreamed. Do not let them tell you about it! Limited spots. Would you come with us?

Your experience in the Arctic is very close. Do not let it get away this time …It is time to prepare your getaway in advance for the next Easter, and YokmoK proposes to restless spirits a memorable trip to the wild frozen heart of Swedish Lapland, you can live intensely in first person the fascinating experience of the trip – Kungsleden with snowshoes along the indescribable spots starting from the magical Abisko National Park, situated in a mountainous region of Norrbotten County, 200 km above the Arctic Circle.  A complete experience from Abisko to Nikkaluokta, 110 km of refuge in shelters that will take you from the elevation of the Kebnekaise, the passage of T¨jaktja or the gigantic lake of Torneträsk (to whose borders we will stay a night) to enjoy pleasant moments of company in cozy hostels, delight in the local crafts (duodji) or the pleasure of taking a comforting sauna after a demanding day of walking.

Open up new horizons. Share. Fall in love with Lapland, where the deepest feelings are born. Feel it. Live…

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