Navidad 1 New Year Plans


One more year the calendar comes to an end and with it all the new challenges and objectives that are so enthusiastically signed in the consciousness. The beauty of this time is to see that yours are still at your side and, why not? Celebrate it somewhere outside of everyday life. With this last purpose, from YokmoK we suggest some plans that are usually a total success:

Lowering of torches in Baqueira 

A classic that you can not miss in the agenda of ski lovers: the traditional torches descent on the slopes that illuminate the night of December 31. A captivating spectacle for the eyes both if you participate carrying one of them as if you see it as a spectator.

What to add on the Ville Lumière, la Ville de l’Amour…? 

The capital of love par excellence welcomes you warmly to receive the new year in the Champs Elysees, having the opportunity to continue the tradition of passionately kissing your partner at midnight thus fostering a future year.

Red Sea Cruise

Spending the end of the year traveling from end to end the Red Sea seems to us the ideal excuse for lovers of navigation and diving to transcend beyond the seas … There are packages that not only offer this exotic and dazzling crossing but also allow the possibility of making additional escapes to suggestive destinations such as those located in neighboring Egypt and Jordan.

Time Square vs. Puerta del Sol

For lovers of the crowd. Each one thinks as they go, but there is no doubt that many people -  many, many people … – will choose to cross from one year to another in such emblematic sites for these dates as are Time Square and Puerta del Sol. Called Time Square Oficial NYE Party Pass if you opt for the proposal of the Big Apple, which will allow you to live the experience in the epicenter of it without waiting for hours, an idea that excites more than one without a doubt. The Spanish version is simplified, although you must go in time if you do not want to just hear the chimes from afar. In any case, the Spanish atmosphere is unsurpassed and, for many, almost overwhelming.

Grapes from Altura

The growing demand of climbers has made in recent times more and more mountain refuges that open their doors to give and receive the new year in ideal Christmas environments. Without further afield, Sierra Nevada (Poqueira) and the Aragonese Pyrenees (Angel Orus) will welcome those who opt for a white Christmas with an ascent route and the subsequent party to transit to the new year in a spectacular environment.

Warm Christmas in the Seychelles

Who said that Christmas is necessarily identified with snow and cold? Escape from the cliffs and the pictures crossing the seas to this paradise not only chosen for honeymoons, which offers you one of the most alternative and best plans that we propose you to enjoy from the beginning of a year full of warmth and relaxation. The islands illuminate and fill with astral colors offering you an end of the year full of parties on their paradisiac beaches. It will not fit the pocket of the common mortal but you only live once, and the experience will be, without a doubt, unforgettable.

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