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Are summer vacations still pending? We present some trips that make the imagination fly…

The oldest modern

The first place of the classification is occupied by a well-established country as a tourist destination for many years. But it remains one of the most “dreamed” by travelers, who here find different experiences ranging from the most traditional to the most modern in the world. The concession to Tokyo of the Olympic Games of 2020 has launched new projects but always maintaining that elegance and originality that captivates the traveler.

United Stats
One hundred years guarding their parks

The National Park Service of this country will turn 100 in 2016. It is the body that controls the 59 national parks and hundreds of historical spaces, including some as representative as Yosemite or Yellowstone. It is time to travel the most natural of the United States, traversing its neat network of 340,000 square kilometers of spectacular landscapes, among which there are everything from spectacular geysers to large canyons that seem to tear the earth, and from swamps full of caimans to rivers Furious that cross the great mountains.

The Pacific Sea Serengeti

The remote and tiny Palaos archipelago, in the Pacific, has for some time been one of the most spectacular diving destinations. The 100 percent of its marine territory is a Natural Reserve in which a treasure of fish, corals and underwater landscapes are protected that have been called the marine Serengeti. The great jewel of this is the Rocky Islands: over 200 limestone islets in the form of mushrooms fully covered with a dense and green jungle. A destination very little known by the Spanish archipelago (although it was Spanish until a little more than a century ago) that can be a complete surprise.

Much more affordable

Another classic among the destinations that all great travelers dream about is Australia. In recent years, the strength of its currency made it unattainable for many pockets but now, with the weakest currency and the oil down, it may be time to travel the country thoroughly, without losing its heart or desert (Outback ), nor its lively cities (SídneyMelbournePerth…) and of course, approaching the Great Barrier Reef and the Tasmania Nature Reserve, Both under environmental threat, before it is too late.

The little jewel among giants

Embedded between the huge Brazil and the giant Argentina, humble Uruguay goes unnoticed, but is becoming the new paradise of the backpacker. Almost wild beaches, life of gauchos in their interior stays, thermal springs, glamor and famous in Punta del Este, history and mansions in the city of Colonia, and a small but progressive capital, Montevideo, full of creativity. Uruguay is still for many the Switzerland of America and a destination to be discovered.

The return to tranquility

After a serious constitutional crisis and a coup that put up this rest of the paradise, Fiji has recovered the normality. In 2016 its international airport has been renovated, has new resorts and will continue to increase its offer in activities (diving, sailing, fishing …). But above all, Fiji remains the most typical image of the idyllic islands of the South Seas: 300 islands to choose from, friendly people, beaches with palm trees and reefs filled with fish.

Transilvania (Romania)
New travelers in the land of Dracula

Everything changes very quickly, even in the traditional Transylvania (Romania). Beyond the famous Count Dracula and sinister air castles, the Carpathian region now proposes to visit innovative art galleries, observe bears or ski in the Carpathians. In Brasov there is such an atmosphere that it will even cheer the vampires. Beyond the cities come all kinds of ideas to enjoy the landscape, particularly for wildlife observation: there are wolves, lynxes, bears and, recently, also bison. Nature tourism in Transylvania has become fashionable.

Without going further, you can have a look at our routes: different, suggestive to 100% and of enormous cultural and fauna interest. Guaranteed success!

Without further due: Let´s enjoy! icon smile Plans to travel in summer

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