yosemite backpacking 488938739 1000x500 YOSEMITE: In the black bear ahwahneechee lands

Walking on bear and puma lands. Of butterflies and redwoods. From the ahwahneechee and the paiute. From Trappers and Gold Fever. Where the power of granite manifests with all its strength in stony granite cliffs. Grown by innumerable jumps and courses of crystalline waters, with successive valleys populated by giant redwoods and escarpments that hide an astonishing biological diversity of average mountain. It is the Yosemite National Park, One of the first national parks (1890) of the United States of America, declared World Heritage of Humanity in 1984.

Located in the central region of Sierra Nevada (California), about 300 km from cities like San Francisco, Sacramento or Los Angeles, its 3,100 km2 are prefigured as a placid but superb natural environment of impossible forms, heir to the action of ancient alpine glaciers.

The park is open all year, with a maximum flow between the months of May and October. Entrance is required, and it is advisable to book accommodation – or camping area, if necessary – especially during the summer season. To emphasize the special care to bear with the bears, since they are very friendly of the food – and of other “aromas” – of the humans, that we must guard of proper way mainly from the twilight.

Yosemite offers us 1,300 km of trails, ski slopes, rapids for rafting or impressive walls to the paragliders of free rock climbing, such as the famous El Capitan (900 m) and the Half Dome. But also sustainability, solitude, peace and a sense of stillness and eternal immensity, for lovers of photography and the environment, as when you have Glacier Point (2.200 m), In the waterfall of Yosemite Falls (740 m) or in the middle of the Tuolumne forest.

Indescribable landscapes, strong emotions or “reconciliation” of man with the wild nature. This is Yosemite, in the domains of the black bear…



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