pilar vera 7 SEVILLA at Holy Week and April´s Fair

Spain is an exceptional country. The first in the world in the tourism sector, where it reigns thanks to its extraordinary material and cultural heritage, its infrastructures, professionalism and security.

Spain is art, history, gastronomy, folklore, joy, sun … and desire to live everywhere. And if there is a place where all this is combined with special harmony, grace and strength is in Seville, the famous pearl of the south whose warm light radiates to all corners of the world. And what a better time to meet her than in spring, during the magical month of April, when she bursts into an incomparable explosion of scented colors of orange blossom, frankincense and carnations.

Although we will agree with the native substratum and with thousands of visitors coming from all corners of the world (which requires a previous and carefully anticipated logistic planning), those who move to Seville in April will live in the first person two of the most unique parties And picturesque of the world: the Holy Week and the April´s Fair.

Since the c. XVI, the city of Guadalquivir revives and commemorates each year the passion, death and resurrection of Christ. In a week, between Sundays of Ramos and Resurrection, 70 brotherhoods-brotherhoods and procession through its streets following the “official race”, whose epicenter is its magnificent and magnificent Christian cathedral (Gothic-Renaissance-Baroque), heritage of The Humanity (Unesco, 1987) crowned by the incomparable Giralda.

Sizes culminate of art and religious imagery, thousands of Nazarenes, penitents and costaleros, religious fervor, feeling overwhelmed, contained passion and a scrupulous recollection, respect and silence will envelop the visitor and the local. Cornetas and drums, flowers, songs, Spanish mantillas, embroideries or goldsmiths will delight and take to the ecstasy the lucky ones that contemplate processions like the one of the Hope of Triana, the Macarena, Jesus of the Great Power or the Silence.

And a few days later but at the opposite pole of the sensory spectrum, the best (…) fair in the world. Joy, art, music and beauty in abundance since crossing the arc-cover (gateway) of Los Remedios and one enters an incomparable spectacle whose stage occupies 275,000 m2. We will thus enter the Feria de Sevilla, heiress -from 1846- of the old tradition of the Castilian agricultural and livestock markets.

The words are muted by the sublime emergence par excellence of the Spanish character, staged without ceasing in more than 1,000 booths (private and public) as temples of good living and overflowing party. Farolillos, horse and carriage rides, bulls, Spanish beauties, Andalusian galleries, carnations, flamenco dresses, gypsies and bullfighters, attractions (“cacharritos” of Calle del Infierno) and fireworks in a hypnotic maremágnum that will dazzle – once More to the own and the other, prey of a sensual and blinding whirlwind of light, color, sevillanas, chamomile, adobo, carnations and albero from which they never wanted to escape …


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