Not all of us are the same physiologically and do not have the same organic requirements, age, sex, physical condition, training level (ie, fitness) or goals.

There are no magic formulas. Health is first. Nor do you have to go hungry or try too hard. However, one could glimpse the standard that should be presented by the adult “hiker type”, of stable health and fitness appropriate to the profile of the activity that wishes to undertake. It is a matter of improving or consolidating, not of undertaking a “miraculous” or excessive transfiguration.

Next, we are going to propose some basic guidelines in order to achieve a minimum “reshaping” that allows you to have sufficient guarantees of success for the full enjoyment of the route/activity that you have proposed. Depending on the point of departure and the objective, all this must be done in sufficient time to acquire or consolidate, where appropriate, an optimal level in this regard.


- watch your BMI (Body Mass Index): varies according to sex, age, etc., does not distinguish between muscle-fat mass and is indicative (!), calculated by the formula mass: stature2; the normal weight would yield a value between 18-25, 25-30 would indicate overweight and above 30 obesity (morbid if it exceeds 40);

- eat well: balanced and in sufficient quantity, without starving but also without excessfive meals/day, in adequate quantity, but always below what we usually do; It really gives the body what it needs;

- reduce carbohydrate consumption as much as possible (bread, pasta, flour, cereals…), sweets, nuts, fats (meats, oils, butter…), soft drinks, etc.; carbohydrates must be taken in moderation because – although healthy and “fuel” of the organism – their excess is inevitably transformed into fat; the energy drinks (taurine, caffeine, ginseng, glucose…) are a deception that do not attenuate the muscular fatigue nor increase the physical yield, so it dispenses of them completely; Isotonic drinks are also not necessary for a standard route except for a small-moderate amount;


-go up and down the stairs; At higher frequency, duration and intensity, better results; Also serves the  step machine (gym, home); 30’ Of this exercise burns over 450 calories, versus 400 / stroke, 230 / bicycle or 180 / aerobic, apart from greatly strengthening your legs and heart and metabolic rate; The squats-complementary-will optimize these results;

-practical exercises (race, bike, rowing, step …) with fartlek cadence, that is, alternating intervals of low physical-energetic demands with explosions of effort; Example: 2-3 times a week run -each one at your level- 30 ‘(minutes) and toggle 10′ trot + [1,5 'maximum power + 2' walking] x3-4 times + 10 ‘trot;

- Walk on a regular basis, demanding a little more each time, progressively increasing the pace, distance and accumulated slope (ascents and descents).

Eat and train in moderation and sufficient anticipation. Do not be in a hurry, do not want to get it all on the run. Take care of your body but give it its full potential. Enjoy the route … Strength & Honor!


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