49965.ngsversion.1476995947086.adapt .1900.1 1024x767 [Ephemeris…]  THE FIRST ASCENT OF THE MOUNT EVEREST

This happened on May 29, but in 1953, 64 años ago…

It was the second and final intention of the expedition led by John Hunt, Baron of Llanfair Waterdine. Failed the first tandem assault three days before just 100 m from the summit, this time the New Zealander Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tensing Norgay – by this order – crowned for the first time, officially, the summit limestone mountain High of the planet, at 11.30 in the morning, local time (Chinese-Nepalese border). It was the fruit of the work of the group, but these two men who came out in the position of the “last 200″ crosses (meters) also did to enter the legend, being knights of the British empire by Queen Elizabeth II, in recognition to Her feat.

Behind were several nineteenth-century geographic expeditions and pre-summit attacks, such as the one starring George Mallory and Andrew Irvine, “the heroic” (then the use of supplemental oxygen was considered unsportsmanlike), who would never be seen again after disappearing between The clouds that 8 of June of 1924, in their final assault to the summit … (still wrapped in the mystery about if they did or not)

It happened at 8,848 m above sea level. Qomolangma (“Mother of the Universe” for the Tibetans) revealed his last secret in those sacred lands, venerated centuries ago by Tibetans, Nepalese and Chinese.

Mount Everest (named after the Royal Geographical Society – 1865 – in honor of colonel surveyor George Everest) has since continued to fascinate, stimulate and awe the intrepid lovers of elite mountaineering. But also wealthy tourists in search of a photo and a story to tell (…) to feed their vanity, for which the concepts of “challenge”, “friendship”, “bravery”, “respect” or “adventure” They even know how to put on a crampon and are carried on the back by sherpas to hit the checkbook. Selfishness and danger to others, in essence. Of there disasters like the one of 1996.

Bodies and minds taken to the limit. Survival. Face and cross. Unparalleled effort and challenge, in extreme orographic and climatic conditions: oxygen shortage, winds over 100 km / h or temperatures up to -70ºC. Companionship and jubilation leading to delirium, when success is achieved in the Deodungha (“Holy Mountain” in Nepalese). But also personal rivalries, disloyalty, lack of professionalism and fierce commercial competition (especially since 1985), tons of garbage and debris (accumulated by those who only think of their own interest and personal satisfaction) and amputees, abandoned to their fate And dead (cerebral hypoxia, hypothermia, falls, avalanches …), such as those 200 identified corpses that will never leave the place of their dreams, silent witnesses of failure that even serve as a landmark or macabre claim to a snapshot.

Mount Everest. From where the gods contemplate us. Glory and tragedy. The place where your dreams live and, for others, your last and eternal abode.

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