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Continuing with our trilogy on food and its fascinating origin, history and dispersion throughout the world, today we want to stimulate your curiosity and senses by talking about its folkloric side, materialized as disparate as incredible and exotic in the form of meals and dishes that, without a doubt, will not leave you indifferent …

Strange, shocking, extravagant … Surprising. Especially for the concept-paradigm “western” gastronomy, understood as a colorful as delicious manifestation of the cultural heritage of our ancestors. So are the following meals that we propose: a waste of imagination, exoticism, mixture, colors, flavors, smells and adaptation to the environment. Take a seat and enjoy yourself …

BALUT (Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia) Traditionally sold in street stalls, this traditional delicacy consists of a fertilized egg of duck or chicken (that is: with the animal in development and still alive, with its feathers, legs and beak …), boiled and consumed in the act. Usually accompanied by beer.

SANNAKJI (South Korea) Small semi-conscious octopus bathed in sesame oil sauce. For lovers of this other fast food (…).

CHAPULINES (Mexico) A classic of the streets of the state of Oaxaca. These crunchy and tasty grasshoppers and crickets – dried, sautéed or fried; 60-70% quality protein at affordable prices- sold in large quantities as an appetizer, seasoned with hot sauce (as taco/quesadilla filling) or as a main ingredient in various dishes.

ROCKY MOUNTAIN “OYSTERS” (USA, Canada) Delicious testicles of bull (also buffalo or pork) boiled, salted, breaded and fried, often accompanied with cocktail sauce. They are also roasted on charcoal, served in slices for sandwiches, etc.

FINGER AND MONKEY BRAINS (Guinea, Indonesia) Jungle combo composed of genuine fingers (fried fingers in boiling oil) of appetizer, followed by brains served in the skull of the animal, still hot and throbbing, as this one is, since it comes with its head open when it is still alive … Yes: as Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom … Obviously, not suitable for animal advocates.

CASU MARZU / FORMAGGIO MARCIO (Italy) Soft cheese typical of Sardinia, sheep milk and highly fermented, whose interior is broken (or semi-liquid) thanks to the action of live fly larvae that infest and swarm inside … Its sale is prohibited; not so its homemade manufacture. In Sardinian dialect, casu marzu literally means “rotten cheese”.

HAGGIS (Scotland) With an intense flavor, it consists of a sheep’s stomach filled with pieces of heart, lungs and liver of the animal, seasoned with onions, herbs, spices and oatmeal. All this is cooked for hours and is usually accompanied by mashed potatoes.

KOPI LUWAK (Indonesia) And after a delicious meal, a cup of the most expensive coffee in the world (USD 300-400 / kg), obtained naturally from the defeats of the civet, a small jungle mammal that feeds on ripe coffee fruits. Its sweet, caramel and chocolate notes make it highly appreciated by experts. USA and Japan monopolize the market of its scarce production.

And so we could continue with many other delicatessens such as fat maguey worms (Mexico), frog legs and snails-escargots (Spain, France), battered jellyfish, big ass ants, fried spiders, fruit bats (flying foxes)…

Enjoy your meal…

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