tour mont blanc

Tour of Mont Blanc Express

  Swiss, French, and Italian Alps
  Key Facts
  Dates :
July, August, September

Price : 1090 €

Difficulty :


The Tour of Mont Blanc is the most popular trek in Europe and is considered one of the most beautiful and spectacular tours in the world.

This 170 km trek goes over the Swiss, French, and Italian Alps, crossing 10 mountains passes, and admiring 40 glaciers.

Enjoy the spectacle offered by the Mont Blanc massif, the highest mountain chain in Europe, and be enchanted with its 400 mountaintops.

This Tour is specially conceived for those that do not have 12 days to spare doing the Tour of Mont Blanc, and still want to explore the most beautiful landscapes of France, Switzerland, and Italy.

Let our guides take you through the less crowded routes and they will let you discover alpine landscapes that you have only dreamt of.

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