About YokmoK


The YokmoK team is composed of a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals, with a solid training in constant recycling that combines technique, safety, advice, empathy and an overwhelming passion for mountain and nature. All this translates into a series of long careers that guarantee our clients a service of comprehensive quality and contrasted from beginning to end, so that you only have to give the best of yourself and enjoy the experience.

Hello. We are YokmoK. Our specialty is guided adventure travel in small groups. We provide original, quality vacations. We do small group travel for people who don't like group travel. It would be a pleasure to have you onboard.

Don't travel with us if you want average

  • Highly personalized service before, during and after a trip.
  • Small groups. Our average group size (6) is often the minimum at other companies.
  • Our adventures are lead by a multilingual, professional YokmoK mountain guide. In this way, we maximize the quality of the trip to enhance your outdoor experience.
  • We run imaginative and sensible itineraries and definitely do not "follow the crowd".
  • Multinational groups with a great mixture of cultures.
  • Personal invitation to take part in our exploratory trips after your first adventure with us.

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Beatriz Sanchez

Born and raised in Madrid, Beatriz is the founder and manager of YokmoK Adventures since 2006. Nowadays, she resides between Courmayeur, in the Italian Alps, and Madrid. Nine years ago, Beatriz started guiding with different companies from EEUU and Australia (National Geographic, REI, Captain's Choise and others), offering her a prestigious labour and personal position in those countries she is still guiding.

Since her early beginnings as a Mountain Guide, being member of the Union of International Mountain Leader Associations (UIMLA), Beatriz has combined her studies of Tourism with a relentless desire to explore the world. Her never ending desire to know more and go further have taken her to guide in such diverse environments as the inhospitable Tierra de Fuego (Patagonia), the mystical Boreal Lapland nights, the unforgiving Sahara desert, the glorious Alps, the breathtaking Lofoten Islands (Norway), the wild Iceland or the magnificent Kilimanjaro diving after the summit in the wonderful vibrant and healthy reefs of Zanzibar.

Jose Sanchez

Jose was born in Germany and is member of UIMLA (The Union of International Mountain Leader Associations). He has been director of the High Mountain School of Madrid for more than 12 years, where he launched the first approved training center in Madrid with extensive experience in mountain sports training of different groups, sportsmen, firefighters, policemen, teachers... Jose has been working since 1998 as a mountain guide, developing his functions in the main mountain ranges of the planet.

Ruth Blanco

Ruth was born in Madrid. She works as a Flight Attendant for Iberia Airlines, but her passion for adventure lead her to become a Ski Instructor and member of UIMLA. She lives in Madrid and devotes most of her time travelling the world. She has guided groups in different places such as Kenia, Tanzania, Reunion Island, Himalayas and the Alps. She lives in Madrid but devotes substantial time all around the world.

Raúl Lora del Cerro

Raúl is the current president of the Spanish Association of Mountain Guides (AEGM), an entity that represents the Spanish guides in Spain and also part of prestigious international associations such as the UIAGM and UIMLA. At the same time he directs the Alpine School of Gredos, through which he trains and guides mountaineers, climbers and skiers. In addition, he has worked as a teacher in courses organized by the ENSA (French National Ski Mountaineering School) and the UIAGM (International Union of Mountain Guides Associations) for guides of different nationalities.

Richard Griffeth

Richard was born in the USA and is an American citizen. He moved to Spain in 2009 and was immediately enamored with its incredibly mountainous terrain. He is a UIMLA International Mountain Guide and member of the Spanish Mountain Guides Association. Rich is a certified rock climbing guide, canyoning guide, and international mountain leader guide. He guides all over Spain but splits most of his time between the Valencia/Alicante area along the Mediterranean coast and the Pyrenees. He also lived in Switzerland and has guided in several countries in the Alps. Rich spends a few months each year guiding in Patagonia Argentina as well.

Esther Murciano

Esther was born in Madrid. She has a degree in Environmental Sciences and a Master’s Degree in Conservation of Biodiversity. After many years working as environmental educator and being involved in wildlife projects she became a UIMLA International Mountain Guide and a Wilderness Guide. She is been guiding groups in countries like Norway, Kenia, Tanzania, Namibia, Botswana, South Africa, Cape Verde, New Zealand or Japan. Since 2018 she combines guiding with training of future mountain guides.

Clinton Kileo

Clinton is a logistics professional and Kilimanjaro mountain guide. He has been involved in the tourism industry in East Africa for more than 15 years. During this time he facilitated numerous safaris and Kilimanjaro climbs. His experience and education adds value to your trip and provides for a safe and educational journey. Clinton started his career as a Kilimanjaro porter. Through his willingness to learn from international guides and peers alike he was soon promoted to camp crew. After a few years and more hard work this led to an assistant guide position and ultimately to lead guide. Today he is a logistics expert in Africa expeditions.


Nourddine was born in Outad Atmane (Draa Valley) and he is a tour guide of Sahara Desert, Atlas Mountains and Imperial cities for more than 15 years now. As a member of the Association of Guides in Draa Tafilalet of Morocco he is a famous leader within the surrounding areas. In love with his culture, Nourdinne guides combining the magical adventure with an ancient history and heritage. He is passionate about traveling and that is the reason he has visited may places all around the world.

Cristina Mercadal

Cristina was born in Mallorca, she has a Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering, however her total addiction to adventure sports, nature and travel, has completely shaped her lifestyle. She became a canyon guide, Mountain Leader and diving instructor thanks to her curiosity for new challenges and willingness to learn new things. Since 2007 she has been a UIMLA International Mountain Guide and has been guiding in places such as Ireland, Alps, Crete, Tanzania, Slovakia, Cape Verde and mainly in the Balearic Islands Being able to transmit all these feelings, experiences, and techniques makes her profession a privilege.

Carles Gel

Carles was born in Vilassar de Mar and he lives in Pal (Andorra). Since 1990 he works as a Mountain Guide (UIAGM) and Nordic Ski Instructor. He belongs to the Spanisch Assotiation of Mountain Guides since 1993. Carles has participated in more than 90 expeditions around the world and has climbed nearly 13,000 mountains. He has travelled and climbed in mountain rangers as diverse as the Pyrenees, the Atlas, the Alps, Mount Etna, The Andes mountains, Mount Ararat and the Caucas. He has over the years specialised in polar expeditions and he is also a writer. He has written 44 books.

David Gomez

Educated as a biologist, David has been guiding and teaching skiing since the mid 90s. He is a certified ski instructor and UIMLA International Mountain Guide, has travelled and climbed mountains all over the world and many times has descended from them skiing or flying in his paraglide. Involved in the outdoor sports media and distributing industry for many years, he lives in the mountains near Madrid or in the Pyrenees, where he spends the winters skiing and climbing. Famous amongst his clients for a wicked sense of humour, positivism and for creating an unfailing ambience of humour and fan in every trip he guides.

Sonia Casas

Sonia is a spanish recognised high mountain and climbing (AEGM) and international guide (UIAGM). Mountains answer to her search and makes her feel alive. This need of contact with them and the wild nature is the reason why she travels, runs, climbs, meditates and breathes on them nearly every day during the last 25 years. Her strength is born from her passion to live every single second of her life. “May this life give us the chance to share time and discover the world together”.

Iñaki Rubio

Born and resident in San Sebastian, Iñaki became major in English at Deusto University. Once he got his degree, he realized he was an outdoors person and he changed the classroom he was working as a teacher for outdoors experiences all over Spain and Portugal. Iñaki entered the world of luxury travel in some American and Australian luxury active travel companies such as REI, National Geographic or Captain´s Choice, where he has conducted private hiking and biking tours all over Spain for more than 21 years now. One of his specialties is the Saint James´s Way (Camino de Santiago) where Iñaki has guided more than 150 tours.

Pablo Perez

Pablo originally is from the Basque Country and is a worldwide guide with experience in the remote places of Alaska, Canada, Greenland, Patagonia or New Zealand. He is an avid naturalist who loves enjoying the outdoors as much as he can while hiking, bird watching, ski touring, surfing, climbing, kayaking or even fishing. But what he most likes is sharing his passion for nature and his expertise with others, in order to spread nature appreciation and enhance environment awareness and conservation. He is a formal UIMLA International Mountain Guide and an Assistant Overnight Sea Kayak Guide.

David Boix

David was born in Manresa, halfway between Barcelona and the Pyrenees. He is a mountain-lover. He likes doing any activity in the nature and sharing it with the people who have the same interests as him. He believes that to enjoy the mountain with maximum safety it is very important that you are well trained, both technically and physically. It is for that, that his life is a constant learning experience. He is a UIMLA International Mountain Guide and an Arctic Guide by WGA. He has guided groups in Greenland, Russia, Iceland, Norway... And he has made expeditions to Asia, South America, Scandinavia and the Arctic areas.

Miguel Gisbert

Miguel Gisbert was born in Alcoi, in the mountains to the north of Alicante. As a UIMLA International Mountain Guide he has dedicated his life to teaching mountaineering; working as an instructor for hiking, orienteering and survival courses for the University of Alicante. Graduated in Physical Education and Personal Trainer, his passion for the outdoors led him to the UK where he enjoyed the British, Scottish and Welsh nature while brushing up on his English. He is now settled in Barcelona near his most-treasured Pyrenees and is always looking forward to new adventures.

Alberto Azparren

Alberto Cruz was born in Pamplona. He is a UIMLA International Mountain Guide working as a professional firefighter for the last 20 years in the Pyrenees. He has guided in Ethiopia, Iceland, Norway, Greece and especially in his beloved Pyrenees. A traveler and curious by nature, he knows different mountain ranges such as the Himalayas, Caucasus, Andes and Indonesian volcanoes. He loves discovering what is behind the places and people all around the world.

Ignacio Terés

Ignacio Terés brings a lifetime of connecting landscape and emotion and a strong background in Spanish History, Geology and Botany. He underlines the visual emphasis of the picturesque and its appreciation of landscape as an artistic composition by Nature itself. Since 1995 he quitted his agriculture engineering job and turned his mountain hobby into a business. As a UIMLA International Mountain Guide is a veteran and has a deep drive to help romantic 18th Century travelers by finding their expectations in the 21st Century.

Luis Casanova

Luis was born in Madrid and has been working with clients since his beginnings as a guide, more than 30 years ago. His life and mind has been divided into two parts: in one side, the mountains and its winter and summer activities, and in the other, the world exploration. He is a UIMLA International Mountain Guide and ski teacher and trainer. He has been guiding clients in many destinations of the world, specialized in Africa, Europe and Spain. As tour guide, the other part of his work is as an expert of adventure trips which normally include cultural events.

Patxi Pérez

He was born in Pamplona, a city located in Northern Spain, near The Pyrenees Mountains. His passion for adventure and mountain sports led him to travel to many places around the world. He puts into practice all his experience acquired over the years. He is accredited as a UIMLA International Mountain Guide specializing in guiding hikes in places such as New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Philippines, Himalayas in Nepal and India, Alps, Finish, Norwegian, Lapland...

Pere Sauret

He is an Industrial Engineering and has Master’s Degree in automobile. Pere has a long experience in the appliance industry at BRAUN, automobile and motorist services at UNITED TECHNOLOGIES and he has been the director of Automobile Club of Spain (RACC), highlighted by road safety studies. In the field of sport, as a UIMLA International Mountain Guide he has hiked in many mountains in the Pyrenees, Picos de Europa, Alps, Andes, the Rockies in the U.S.A. and Asia.

Nacho Olaechea

Nacho was born in Madrid. He is an Instructor of Environmental Education. He is also a certified Mountain Bike Guide. He is member of UIMLA (The Union of International Mountain Leader Associations) and has guided groups in Spain and numerous other parts of the world such as the Alps, Morocco, Peru, New Zealand, Tanzania, Cape Verde, Madagascar, Mongolia...

Ignacio Izquierdo

Ignacio Izquierdo is a nature and travel photographer based in Spain. True lover of montain landscapes and Asia, he has travelled all around the world, always in the company of his inseparable camera. Beside all his personal work he has also being comisiones in international tourist promotion campaigns. His work can be found in

Mónica Fuentes

Monica was born in Madrid. Currently she lives in Germany. She has a degree in Physical Education and Sport as well as a degree in Psychology. She is member of UIMLA (The Union of International Mountain Leader Associations) and has guided groups about all in Germany. She guides also in the Alps and Scotland.

Patricia López

Patricia was born in Madrid. She is High Level Technical of Canoeing and a mountain lovers. For years she has successfully coordinated different activities in the Madrid Canoeing Federation, such as courses and championships. Also, she has been trainer in Piraguamadrid Club. Currently she lives in Norway, where she works as a Kayak guide in the fjords. In her free time she loves to mountain climb.

Richard Guggenheimer

Richard was born in California, USA, but was brought up in Spain. After spending 20 years of his life travelling and living in various European countries, he returned to Spain where he now resides and works as a tour designer and guide. Having studied subjects as varied as music, medicinal plants, or history and anthropology, he still sees himself very much in the learning process. He guides about all in The Camino de Santiago and around the South of Spain.

Arun Sapkota

Arun was born in Nepal. He has a very considerable amount of experience in the field and has expertise on the terrains, the people and the journey’s overall knowledge. He is hard-working and admirable and his work in the field is quite remarkable. He has been guiding for over six years in the same company and is a distinguished and an enthusiastic guide.

Carlos Vidal

Carlos was born in Mallorca, Spain. He works as a Climbing and Canyoning Guide and Sports Technician. He has a degree in Physical Education and is member of AEGM (Spanish Association of Mountain Leaders). After more than fifteen years of experience leading groups in different places he focuses now his work in Spain and some areas of the Alps.

Patrick Mbise

Patrick was born in Mawanga, Tanzania. He lives with his family in Arusha. He has spent his life around Mount Kilimanjaro and has been a Mountain Guide there for 13 years. He started guiding when he was only 18 years old. His life on Mt. K started while attending school. He worked as a Porter to earn enough money to pay for his education.