At the beginning of the tour I thought it was harder than expected but then I realized that the stages were meticulously studied. My injury was no problem and I am immensely grateful for the support and experience in Europe. I have wanted to continue to know the Alps. Thank you for your charisma and professionalism.


For many years I was thinking of going to Italy. I never thought it was so pretty. The routes are wonderful and the meals have been every day a surprise. I wish I could still be there. I miss the people and the sweetness of the team. Thanks and see you soon.


Beatriz and Richard. I carry both of you in my heart from now on. You have managed to fulfill my dream of living a tour for Spain full of joy and friendship. You are the best guides I've ever worked with. See you soon!


Lapland is much more than a tour. I would not mind, at all, repeating the trip. Thank you for your service.


I never thought I would like Morocco so much. The food is excellent, the team was super attentive and the food a delicacy.


The mixture between nature, gastronomy, history and art has been fascinating. Italy boasts of it and now I understand it. My husband and I have discovered some wonderful places. Thanks for so many unique moments.


The Tour of the Aiguilles Rouges is a short but intense route. The shelters where we have slept are a discovery for us. Sometimes uncomfortable if someone snores, but the enclave deserves the effort. One day we were dealing with a bad weather but we were very lucky. Our guide has done a magnificent job. Thanks for everything ;)


Zermatt is a fairytale town. Its enclave, its routes, its gastronomy has enchanted us. The accommodation was very good and cozy. Few mountain villages have liked us so much. We look forward to showing all the photos. We hope to see you soon.


The Alps is much more than mountains. Taking the Tour of Mont Blanc has been crossing three borders walking. They are all different, their people, their culture, their food. The lodges are very well equipped and the hotels selected with too much comfort. We were lucky with the weather on the hardest days. The guide was outstanding. I give you my congratulations on such a good study of the route.


Mallorca is the most beautiful island I have ever visited. Not only the route in a surprise every day, also its towns, its people, its customs next to the sea and the mountain. All shelters and hotels are wonderful. There were days harder than others but we ate so well that we had enough energy. Thank you team. You are excellent.


Thank you for all the wonderful moments that we have shared together. It will be difficult to forget this trip. We will keep in touch.


Visiting France was a last minute plan and has been a great success. We have been very surprised by Chamonix and the routes. The cable cars have really liked to our son. The routes are very comfortable with spectacular views. The idea of visiting Italy seemed a surprise. Thanks for everything Beatriz, offering such an exclusive service should not be easy.


Seldom did I think that a trip would be so spectacular and that it could permeate so much in my heart. Lapland is much more than a trip.


I had always dreamed of doing the Mont Blanc Tour, what I never thought was its valleys, its people, its culture and its logistics were so extraordinary. I look forward to a repeat trip with you. You are a fantastic team!


The highlight of the trip was the complicity generated by our guides. I have rarely felt so comfortable on tour with people I did not know and, I believe, that it was created by the professionalism of the guides.


It’s difficult to describe in a few words the magnitude of sensations and experiences lived in this trip. I fell in love with Europe! We look forward to returning to know the destinations we talked about along the route.


Although I started the trip with a stomachache, I recognize that I felt very taken care of at all times. Thank you for being so special and making us feel like we were with our family. I'm counting the months to get together again.


Spain has pleasantly surprised me. Its history, culture, landscapes, and people have been a constant surprise. Mallorca is an ideal place for my future retirement :P Thank you for showing us so many beautiful places and making it an unforgettable tour. By the way, meals are a delicacy. I'm going to miss your wine and gastronomic variety.


We always wanted to go to Africa, and I have only unforgettable moments in my memory from morning to night. Mixing cultures with the adventure itself makes the tour a success. Some places are difficult to forget, but the ascent to Kilimanjaro and the safari will remain forever.


Chamonix has been a full discovery for us. It is true that we had read about its mountains and history, but until you are not in the valley, you do not understand the majesty of its enclave. Every day has been a different landscape and full of surprises. The hotel and the organization have nothing to improve. Thank you for your constant attention and professionalism.


It is the third time that we do a tour with you and what better place than to celebrate it in Italy. You were right, Beatriz. Italy charms you. Cinque Terre is a magical place; the routes are beautiful, the towns more and their food (from morning to night) is extraordinary. Thanks again for so many wonderful memories.


I have nothing more to say than one thing: AWESOME.


Thanks again and again. For your selection of routes, for your way of making us feel cared for, for your professionalism and the constant attention you offer us. France and Italy have a taste of little things. There is so much to see! I hope we see each other soon. We keep in touch.


I couldn't decide about traveling alone to Africa, but with Yokmok the trip was comfortable, safe and INCREDIBLE. All perfectly coordinated and under the control of Beatriz, the leader of the group. The ascent to Kilimanjaro has been the biggest challenge of my life. Having a big feline a few yards away, the most exciting experience in a long time... I will repeat with this team. Unforgettable!


Cinque Terre! Beautiful and romantic Italy! Vernazza is one of the most beautiful villages I have ever seen. Routes, explanations, group atmosphere, food, folklore, history, landscapes... Recommended. Magical Italy!


A dream come true. My experience at Chamonix and Mont Blanc Tour has been fantastic. An unforgettable trip to the cradle of mountaineering, where everything began. Essential for all mountaineers. Unbeatable atmosphere. A hard but relaxed journey, by the hand of Yokmok. A great team. Thank you.


I will never forget the wildlife safari by the Ngorongoro or the starry sky of Kilimanjaro. I still get excited remembering it.


Kungsleden was like we were in Winterfell. The glacial valley of Tjaktjavagge left us dumbfounded. For extreme life lovers, is the perfect trip. A fantastic experience. We will see each other again.


My first trip to Europe has been with Yokmok, and I only have words of praise for this great team of professionals and their organization. Our Alps tour was perfect from start to finish. Chamonix, Mer de Glace, Aiguille du Midi. Even a trek for a glacier or a short visit to neighboring Italy. Sensational! Next destination Spain or Himalaya. A big hug to Beatriz and her team!


Fantastic, demanding, impressive, epic, majestic, colorful. Mountains that surpass the imagination. A great team of perfectly coordinated professionals. Himalaya, a dream come true and beyond.


The most magical trip of my life! Boreal auroras (spectacular, indescribable), wooden huts, Huskies, sleds, the Sami people, forests, reindeer, ice, sauna, etc., in the Arctic Circle. Even an ice hotel! And a perfect company. I would have stayed living there! Greetings from Boston!


Unbeatable! Norwegian fjords in a kayak! My girlfriend and I have come back full of enthusiasm. We will recommend it. A big hug to you!


I traveled alone with Yokmok to Romania, and it was a splendid experience. The Carpathians/Transylvania is a wild region with fascinating folklore. Bears, wolves, and mountains in the heart of old Europe. The architecture (I am an architect) is wonderful. I also met someone very special. Thanks my friends!


Everest! The roof of the world! :P I still feel those lands. The expedition to the southern base camp has been fantastic. 100% recommendable. I suffered a mishap my fault and you have behaved like true professionals. I think at critical moments when a trip is really the quality of the company with which you travel is demonstrated. I shall never forget. Thanks team!


We knew different parts of the fascinating Italy (Rome, Florence, Milan, Naples, Venice, Tuscany, Sicily), but the Cinque Terre region has left us speechless. Mix colorful, routes, gastronomy, accommodation... everything is better than we expected. We returned home with new friends and that's unforgettable.


Wonderful trek through Lapland. The immense landscapes and auroras have made it unforgettable. Yokmok respects and love for the environment all the time. Leadership and professionalism of Beatriz are indisputable. No doubt I will repeat with them.


Extraordinary group and camaraderie in our climb to Kilimanjaro/Uhuru. Personal attention to detail, from start to finish. Each day offers a different landscape. Everything perfect and smooth. We could not do the safari for lack of time but we would not mind returning and even repeat the Kilimanjaro.


I've never seen anything like the spectacle of the aurora borealis. You cannot describe something like that using words. Magic in the midst of absolute silence. The pure nature that Lapland offers is majestic. I absolutely recommend this fantastic experience. See you soon!


After spending a few days in France we went to the Alps and it was fantastic. A pleasant journey at the confluence of the French, Swiss and Italian alpine mountains. beautiful scenery and a pleasant, professional and helpful guide. How much beauty and glamor in old Europe! The big surprise has been the shelter and the food.


Drive our own dogsled has been one of the best experiences we have lived in the snow! We saw herds of reindeer, coniferous forests, tundra, boreal auroras and live with the Sami herders. Endless snowy spectacular spaces. Saunas night we were delighted. An unforgettable trip! Thank you for your professionalism, attention and smiles.


I probably never will climb Everest, but the trip to the base camp has been my personal experience closer to my mountaineering idols. Sublime. Fantastic. Professional. See you on the Annapurnas? :P


Spain is a "small" country full of contrasts, history, beauty, sunshine and joy. GR221 trek to Mallorca has been very nice and full of feelings. Hotels, shelters and food are amazing. Mallorca is a fantastic country to live life with calmness and fullness. I will return to this extraordinary country. Absolutely recommended!


Our safari among the great hunters and herds of thousands of animals have to live it. And we did! cannot be expressed in words those feelings of fullness and force of nature. We need a long time to recover routine. Yokmok team and local guides did a great job. Thank you all for the experience. You are wonderful and very funny.


There are destinations you never take in mind by insecurity or religions but at the end it has been a success the visit to Morocco. We loved Toubkal area. People are very friendly but sometimes are a little heavy for their desire to sell products there. Marrakech offers luxury and poverty. The hotels were wonderful and the experience of spending a few days of calm following the route which we loved. Thank you for your guidance and advice. Certainly we will meet again soon.


Visit Romania with our neighbors of Europe was a trip prepared in less than two months. I contacted and everything evolved from a very comfortable and professionally way. The tour has been a journey full of surprises. Wolves and bears have left us in love and want to continue with the idea of other locations with the same characteristics. The quality of the accommodation and meals have loved it. Thanks for the ride. Very good work.


It is difficult to explain in a few lines the experience of making the tour of Mont Blanc. From the first moment our group understood perfectly and already started with laughter. Beatriz and complicity have done an outstanding job. Shelters are of a really good quality and superb location. The Food was a surprise and between Chamonix and Courmayeur we preferred the unknown Coumayeur. Now we understand, Bea. The three countries are beautiful and their nature has captivated us. See you very soon, we are 100% sure. Big hug.


Beatriz and the rest of the team are second to none. We really enjoyed a fun and professional environment on our trip to Norway. The Kayaking experience by the fjords have been much better than expected although some hard times due to the wind. We have returned very happy. I hope to see you soon in some other adventure.


Sunny Spain! Mallorca is one of the most beautiful, cozy and bright islands in the world. And its cuisine is amazing. The GR221 has been a fantastic experience, with splendid views of the Mediterranean Sea, charming villages and a route selected from a very clever way. Thanks for the adventure. As we speak before, we'll see you soon.


Blue, green and yellow. Postcard villages in the bright Liguria (Italy). Cheers for Beatriz and her mastery of Italian! Cinque Terre is a dream destination. Logistics, food, hotels... EVERYTHING was amazing.


Everest has been an incredible journey but surely. Everything under control. Kathmandu is an explosion of color. Absolutely recommended. Very good hotels and safer than we thought. Thanks and see you soon.


Kilimanjaro and safari!! The best and most complete trip of my life. TOP plan. Insuperable.


We have never lived an adventure as pure as in Lapland state. Fascinating trek in every way. Even blizzards have liked. Impeccable guide, Bea. See you soon.