Climb Mount Kilimanjaro


The Climbing to the Kilimanjaro stratovolcano (19.340 ft at the Uhuru peak) will fulfill your expectations of adventure and will change the way you see the mountains. Nothing will be as it was before, you have been warned.

The expedition will follow the Lemosho route, less frequented than the others, more wild and scenic, and also allowing a better acclimatisation to reach the peak. Challenge your capabilities to the limit.

For the ones that continue with us, the extraordinary experience of contact with wild life is awaiting for them. The national parks of Manyara, Serengueti y Ngorongoro will not let down their expectations. Nither will the Olduvai gorge, where humanity was "born". Do not let the chance to travel this superb and wild World Heritage (Unesco).

What are you waiting for to fulfill one of your all life dreams? Welcome to the heart of Africa.



Origin - Arusha (B&B)

Arrival Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO). Local mountain guide (English spoken) and Spaniard professional UIMLA Mountain Guide (English, Spanish, Italian spoken) reception, hotel transfer. *** Hotel booking&lodging. Afternoon technical climbing brieffing, useful advices, equipment checking.


Arusha - Londorossi Gate - Mti Mkubwa/Big Tree Camp [3-4 h; 3,75 mi; 7.740-9.500 ft; lodging, full board]

Breakfast. Driving to Arusha-Moshi-Londorossi Gate. Park National check-in formalities. Starting route (8.630 ft above sea level). Maybe we could sighting some big mammals (elephants, leopards, lions, buffalos, elands…). Trekking from westhern mountain side rain forest to Mti Mkubwa Camp (9.500 ft). Camp lodging and dinner.


Mti Mkubwa Camp - Shira Camp 1/Shira Cave [5-6 h; 5,0 mi; 9.500-11.500 ft; lodging, full board]

Breakfast. Paths from tropical rain forest to high meadows and afroalpine moorlands (beautiful flowers, streams). Volcanic rocky land rising to Shire Ridge, between Kibo and Shira craters. Shire Plateau landscape. Smooth downhill to Shira Camp 1. Kibo volcano spectacular panoramic view. With clear weather, view of Kilimanjaro’s climbing track through Arrow Glacier. We starting high mountain acclimation process (don’t forget drink enough water). Camping. Dinner.


Shira Camp 1 - Moir Hut [5-7 h; 6,85 mi; 11.500-13.780 ft; full board]

Breakfast. Shira high plateau exploration full journey. Eastern route crossing the meseta: views of Shira Cathedral (S facing) and several summits (W-E) like Johnsell Point (13.000 ft), The Cone, Shira Needle or East Shira Hill. Lent Hills: Moir Hut (base camp). We continue our acclimation in order to avoid high sickness. Shira Plateau is one of the most higher around the world.


Moir Hut - Lava Tower - Barranco Camp [4-5 h/4,35 mi + 2-3 horas/1,85 mi; 13.780-15.190-13.045 ft; lodging, full board]

Breakfast. A new acclimation -and beautiful- journey, required to attack Kilimanjaro’s summit with enough possibilities. Non-stop rising E/SW way from Shira Plateau to Shira Ridge: target Lava Tower (15.200 ft, also known as Shark’s Tooth) and Western Breach. Semidesert alpine habitat. Approaching Arrow Glacier (16.075 ft). After meal, back down to Barranco Hut camp (13.000 ft) through Great Barranco Valley. With clear weather/sky, gorgeous views of Breach Wall and Barranco Wall, and amazing and unforgettable sunset. Lodging and dinner.


Barranco Camp - Karanga Camp [4-5 h; 3,1 mi; 13.045-14.245-13.107 ft; lodging, full board]

Breakfast. Our challenge for that day will be the climb of volcanic Barranco Wall (1.200 ft). After that and take a meal, we’ll enjoy the wonderful views of Barufu and Meru Mt. Next, we’ll move neat the foot of Heim Glacier, crossing ridges and valleys to Karanga Valley camp, the last site for water supply before rising the summit. Lodging, rest and dinner. Acclimation completed.


Karanga Camp - Barafu Camp [4-5 h; 2,50 mi; 13.107-15.330 ft; lodging, full board]

Breakfast. Steep rising over volcanic sediments path to connecting with Mweka Trail. Large, desolate and windy semidesert uplands. Reaching inhospitable Barufu Camp (15.330 ft). Souther Circuit complete. Multiple views over our target: the Kibo (also the Mawenzi). Lodging, dinner. Rest! You’ll be at hall of Kibo climbing.


Barafu Camp - Uhuru Peak - Mweka Hut [7-8 h/3,1 mi + 4-6 h/7,45 mi; 15.330-19.340-10.065 ft; lodging, full board]

Wake up before midnight, under the starry sky. Well wrapped up for arctic environment, psyched ourself up and 100% full of strength. Starting a quick zig-zag and after 6 h of sustained raising over volcanic sediments between Rebmann and Ratzel glaciers, we’ll reach the rim of main crater, the Stella Point (18.815 ft). A few moments for taking breath and enjoy a magic and stunning sunrise over the Mawenzi, like -perhaps- you have never seen before. Snowing chance (?). Strongers can try 2 h more of rising to conquer the top until the Uhuru Peak (“Freedom Peak”, 19.340 ft), at Kibo volcano, the highest point of Africa. After our great feat, we’ll draw an astonishing quickly and easy come back down the mountain (3 h) to Barafu Camp and, finally, Mweka Camp (10.170 ft), again in the tropical rain forest environment. This day trip (Barufu-summit-Mweka) will be -without question- the “queen stage” of our tour, with 13.300 ft of rise/downhill elevation gain. Last dinner at Kilimanjaro’s kingdom. Well-deserved rest.


Mweka Camp - Arusha [3-5 horas; 5,0 mi; 10.065-5.380 ft; B&B]

After a recover breakfast, a smooth downhill walk will lead the winners again through the pleasing rain forest to the Mweka Park Gate. There, 2 prizes: “Ecologic Certificate” for Stella Point climbers, “Gold Certificate” for Uhuru Peak conquers. After a meal, we’ll turn back (90’ road traffic) to Arusha. Free afternoon for rest and sharing feelings, experiences and the satisfaction of “fulfill duty”.

DAY 10

Arusha - origin [breakfast + transfer to the airport]

Farewell breakfast for our experts climbers. Free time. Transfer to the Kilimanjaro Intnal. Airport (JRO). End of our services.

[Rest of the day free for the travellers that continue with us in the WILDLIFE SAFARI.]

Trips 2022

October 15 - 25


Safari Extension
October 26 - 31


Trips 2023

October 14 - 24


Safari Extension
October 25 - 30



Summary: [6 days/5 nigths; Arusha, Manyara Lake, Olduvai Gorge, Serengeti, Ngorongoro]


DAY 11

Origin - Arusha (B&B)

Arrival Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO). Local driver-guide (English spoken) and Spaniard professional UIMLA Guide (English, Spanish, Italian spoken) reception, hotel transfer. *** Hotel booking&lodging. Afternoon tour brieffing, useful advices, equipment checking.

DAY 12

Arusha - Manyara Lake [lodging + full board]

Breakfast. 4WD driving road to Lake Manyara, “the most beautiful (lake) in Africa” for E. Hemingway (“Green Hills of Africa”). Althoug relatively small in size, Manyara Lake National Park is one of the most diverse and important wildlife nature reserve in Tanzania, with Great Rift Valley, ground water forests and open vast grasslands as background of the lake foreshore and Soda Lake. Idyllic environment where we’ll enjoy a picnic lunch between fertile meadows, hot springs, lush forests (giant ficus, mahogany, acacia), swamps and steep slopes. Manyara Lake -2/3 parts of total park surface- is, also, an stunning and gorgeous Paradise for more than 350 kinds of migratory birds. Besides famous for being the home of thousands of baboons, hippopotamus, antelopes, wildbeests, elephants, buffalos, wild boars or giraffes, as well as big predators like the lion or the elusive and tree-climbing leopard. After so much feelings, camping overnight at Manyara Kudu Campsite.

DAY 13

Manyara Lake - Olduvai Gorge - Serengeti National Park [lodging + full board]

Breakfast. 7:30 a.m. depart for Serengeti, passing through Olduvai Gorge, “The Humankind Cradle”, scene of Leakey’s couple famous discoveries of our remote ancestors (hominids, homo habilis), where they lived millions years ago. Olduvai is a canyon carved by water through the southern side of the Serengeti National Park. We continue by volcanic ground paths following the millenary wildlife migrations trails. Meals and overnight at Seronera Campsite, at the edge of national park lands.

DAY 14

Serengeti National Park – Ngorongoro Crater [lodging + full board]

After breakfast (7:00 a.m.) and with your packed lunch for a half day, drives in the wilderness tracking Great Migration trails. Serengeti National Park (from 1951) was declared Worl Heritage Site (Unesco), like all Northern Safari tour environment. With 5.800 sq mi, is famous for yearly migrations of hundred thousands of wildbeests and for being the home of an extraordinary, varied and very rich fauna of thousands of specimens of “big five” (lion, leopard, elephant, black rhino, buffalo) as well as giraffes, gazelles, impalas, hyenas, cheetahs, zebras, topis, hippopotamus, crocodiles, turtles and an endless number of birds (pelicans, marabus, cranes, buzzards...) and reptiles, as spectaculars pythons and mambas. After this exciting and intense trip, lodging and dinner at Ngorongoro Simba Campsite, at the rim of Ngorongoro great crater.

DAY 15

Ngorongoro Conservation Area - Arusha [lodging + full board]

Breakfast. At 7:00 a.m. and “armed” with our photo cameras and a boxed lunch for half journey, we’ll visit the impressive Ngorongoro Conservation Area (3.200 sq mi), one part of the great Serengeti ecosystem. Also declared World Heritage Site (Unesco), its colossal crater is home for the biggest predators mammals density in Africa and, in general, one of the most bigger populations of big animals (approx. 25.000) of the planet: mountain antelopes, zebras, gazelles, wildbeests, rhinos, lions, leopards, elephants, buffalos, etc., located for us for our skilled and experienced driver-guide. Also, we’ll see the prolific colony of birds that lives in the lake that takes up the middle of the crater, where more of 100 kind of them make their nest, like several groups of hundreds of pink flamingo. With those unforgettables views on our eyes, we’ll return to our *** hotel in Arusha. Lodging and dinner.

DAY 16

Arusha - origin [breakfast]

After breakfast, free time for our customers until your private transfer to the Kilimanjaro Intnal. Airport (JRO). End of our services.

[That same date and on the go (optional), the customer who want can continue for some SCUBA DIVING journeys in company of our experienced UIMLA Guide, in the impressive waters of close Zanzibar archipelago.]

Trips 2022

October 15 - 25


Safari Extension
October 26 - 31


Trips 2023

October 14 - 24


Safari Extension
October 25 - 30


Price includes

• Private transfer airport-hotel (reverse-way) and trips to the “main gates” of Kilimanjaro and/or Norther Safari (in that case), passes and the other authorisations and administratives permissions for climbing and visits (in that case);

• 4 star Hotel based on double occupancy for 3 nights in Arusha, breakfast included; Single supplement 2018 ($490);

• Experienced local guide in English and professional UIMLA mountain guide (English, Spanish and Italian speaker) all the time;

• Waterproof camp tents "four seasons" and fully camping collective equipment (tables, chairs…), except sleeping-bag;

• [Climb, in that case] Full board (3 meals/day) during trekking days, drinkable water include;

• [Safari, in that case] Full board (3 meals/day) during safari journeys, 4WD (four-wheel) scenic convertible, professional driver-guide, picnics, fully camping colectiva equipment;

• General and technical information, interest advices for our customers;

• [Climb, in that case] EMERGENCY FIRST AID SUPPORT (emergency supplementary oxigen, pulse oximeter and other first aid support in case of basic emergency or height sickness);

Not included

• Airline tickets;

• Airport taxes;

• Valid passport, VISA;

• Any other service, drinks, meals or concept not previously mentioned in "Price includes".

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