Kungsleden :: Snowshoeing in Lapland


Fancy snowshoeing in the Swedish Lapland? Come with us 124 miles inside the Arctic Circle, along the Kungsleden, "King’s trail". This is Lapland, the last remote wilderness in Western Europe, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Our week-long hike takes us to the Kebnekaise range, which includes Sweden's highest peak, Mount Kebne (6,925 feet). These mountains are part of the Caledonian folding system that forms the backbone of Scandinavia. Most of the trek is done along flat terrain.


Day 1 - Arrival day and exclusive dinner at Aurora Sky Station

Meeting at Kiruna Airport. Private transfer to Abisko (1 hour in total).

Briefing in order to finalize the technical advice and various mandatory instructions prior to the start of the routes, at the time that will be signaled well in advance. The evening begins with a 10 minutes transfer from Björkliden to Abisko. From there a beautiful and charming ride on chair lift, wich will carry us to the Aurora Sky Station (one of the best places on earth to experience northern lights, situated on Mt. Nuolja, 3,000 feet), where a succulent four course dinner -influenced by the Nordic cuisine- will be served. During the evening’s guided tour you will learn more about what causes and enjoy one of the most magical and impressive natural performance show all around the world: the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis).Go back to the hotel around 01:00 am.

Night in our Lapland Resort (Abisko)


Day 2 – Visit to STF Abisko Fjällstation and to the frozen Torneträsk Lake

We will take a private transfer to visit STF Abisko Fjällstation (mountain station located at the heart of Abisko National Park) and Torneträsk Lake (the seventh largest -125 square miles- and the second deepest in Sweden, with 550 feet depth), originated by a powerful glacier. In the small town (actually base camp and scientific station) of Abisko (Abeskovvu in the Sami language) we can buy any forgotten mountain / crossing material and rent what we need, such as the essential snowshoes. There are places to eat and even a small supermarket. Back to the hotel by private transfer. General briefing before dinner.

Night in our Lapland Resort (Abisko)


Day 3 - Hiking from Abisko (1,245 feet) to STF Abiskojaure Fjällstug (1,610 feet)

[9,3 miles / 365 feet elevation gain]

After breakfast and the mandatory general briefing before leaving, a private transfer will leave us at the real beginning of our adventure: 65 miles by the majestic and indescribable King's Trail. This initial section will take place with hardly any marked slope, between birch groves and small tributaries. At the beginning we will probably find other groups of tours / walks, people on snowmobiles or even traveling on sledges pulled by huskies. Little by little, we will enter the overwhelming silence and stillness of nature in its purest state. After crossing a frozen lake (3,1 mi length) we will arrive at the shelter of STF Abiskojaure Fjällstug (Abiskojaure hut), where the first thing we will do – a routine that will be repeated in successive days - will be the distribution of tasks for the collection of firewood / water and the kitchen. General briefing before dinner.

Night in Abiskojaure Hut.


Day 4 - Hiking from Abiskojaure Hut (1,610 feet) to Alesjaure Hut (2,760 feet)

[13,0 miles / 1.150 feet elevation gain]

This day will be the hardest stage of the trip, which, however, we will compensate for the next day. We will cross the last birch forest and we will enter the true and majestic face of the Kungsleden, The King’s Trail. Immense glacial valleys and desolate moors of virginal whiteness will open on the rise, confusing our impressed senses to welcome us in the silent, immutable and vast frozen "nothing". Finishing the crossing (STF Alesjaure mountain cabin), we can share about this incredible experience enjoying a sauna while behind the window everything freezes to -4/-13 ºF. General briefing before dinner.

Night in Alesjaure Hut.


Day 5 - Hiking from Alesjaure Hut (2,760 feet) to Tjäktja Hut (3,410 feet)

[8,0 miles / 660 feet elevation gain]

After the well-deserved rest and a generous breakfast, we will start on a flat route that will allow us to reach our destination adapting to the environment with a progressive physical effort. Magnificent, silent and desolate immeasurable landscapes await us, accompanied only by the icy wind, some snow and a real pure air. Just before the climb to the refuge of Tjäktja we will take a key intersection, where many hikers have lost their way, with dire consequences when they are reached night in the middle of nowhere… Our tasks, in the hut, are waiting for us. General briefing before dinner.

Night in Tjäktja Hut.


Day 6 - Hiking from Tjäktja Hut (3,410 feet) to Sälka Cabin (2,920 feet)

[7,5 miles / 490 feet elevation gain - 980 feet elevation lost]

A gentle but sustained climb will lead us to today’s highlight of the entire tour: the Tjäktjapass (3,740 feet). Then, to the valley that was excavated by millenarian glacier. Halfway through, if the wind is strong, we can shelter in the emergency shelter in order to make the picnic. Some people think that the valley of Tjäktjavagge is the most majestic in all of Lapland, while others believe there are views and landscapes of the greatness, strength and fierceness of remote prehistoric eras. From there we will easily descend to the Sälka refuge, strategically located in the middle of a huge glacial valley. A sauna awaits us there as a culmination of such a magnificent and revitalizing experience. General briefing before dinner.

Night in Sälka Hut.


Day 7 - Hiking from Sälka Cabin (2,290 feet) to Singi Hut (2,590 feet)

[7,5 miles / 165 feet elevation gain - 490 feet elevation lost]

We will travel through vast and imposing glacial valleys, where the human being has an even greater sensation of how small and insignificant it is. On the way to Singi, it will be hard to say goodbye to the simple but captivating grandeur of Sälka, although the journey will be comfortable, though perhaps hit by the frequent gusty winds that blow there severely, offering another facet of this inhospitable but majestic land of horizons of greatness. The location of Singi is usually ideal for observing the splendid auroras boreales. General briefing before dinner.

Night in Singi Hut.


Day 8 - Hiking from Singi hut (2,590 feet) to Kebnekaise Station (2,495 feet)

[8,7 miles / 655 feet elevation gain – 755 feet elevation lost]

The wildest and most inhospitable of Lapland will be left behind little by little, saying goodbye to us as we walk again towards the -now friendly - birch forests. We will also see in the distance the majestic sharp rocky peak of Mt. Kebnekaise (6,615 feet), the Sami Giegmegaisi, covered by perpetual ice and an old acquaintance of climbers from all over the world for its demanding and hard climb. We will then be about 95-100 miles from the Arctic Circle. Already in our accommodation we can enjoy a restaurant dinner and the comforts of a hotel room. General briefing before dinner.

Night in Kebnekaise Station. 


Day 9 - Hiking from Kebnekaise Station (2,495 feet) to Nikkaluokta (1,675 feet)

[12,0 miles / 820 feet elevation lost]

In just one day, the world will have changed again for us. After a comfortable rest followed by the mandatory abundant buffet-breakfast, we will half-heartedly get going, seeing that our incredible journey is already coming to an end. We will follow the busy track of hard and soft sloping snow that connects Kebnekaise with Nikkaluokta, for which the use of snowshoes is not usually necessary. Much to our regret, the lofty mountains and the vast and deep frozen rocky valleys will be left behind on the horizon. Then in Nikkaluokta we can enjoy a dinner where the reindeer (in dishes such as ällggryta, consisting of strips of grilled meat with mashed potatoes and compote of currants) emerges as one of the delicacies of the region. General briefing before dinner.

Night in Nikkaluokta.


Day 10 - Private transfer from Nikkaluokta to Kiruna Airport

Time for the farewell, the beginning of future friendships and the immortalization of the last memories with our traveling companions. A private transfer will take us to the Kiruna Airport, from where we will depart to our places of origin. If there was time and place previously, a brief visit to the town would be made, in order to complete -of course- the purchase of a souvenir. The end of our services. Although, perhaps, what for some might be the end for others is only the beginning ... Thank you and goodbye.

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• Meeting/assistance at Kiruna airport;

• 5 nights in mountain cabins;

• 2 nights in hotel;

• Full board during the trip;

• Service of the YokmoK mountain guide for the entire trek;

• Transfer from Kiruna airport to Abisko;

• Transfer from Nikkaluokta to Kiruna airport

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• Beverages;

• Snowshoes (can be rented in Abisko for $180);

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